Has it ever occurred to you that beneath your house, you have a huge area which can be turned into anything you want it to be? Maybe there is more to your basement than just storing old furniture and unwanted stuff?

If you’ve ever seen That 70’s Show, you would probably have an idea how much of an important area of the house is the basement. It is the perfect place for that unstated need you have for an extra room in the house that could be anything you want.

From an at-home bar or a hangout point to an extra room for those guests on holidays, getting your basement finished is one of the best decisions to be made in house renovation. Just think of all the fun you could have and how much you could use all that extra space?

People are investing a lot in turning their basement a full-fledged, beautiful and functional living space. The realization of the potential the basement has to offer in context of the various designs and uses that it could be renovated for has started a new industry in itself. Finishing your basement provides you with many advantages.

The first and foremost is the value a finished basement adds to your house and that too on a relatively lesser cost. Even doing kitchen and bathroom renovations are much more expensive then getting your basement turned into a functional room.

Although you can stay with the same theme, basement designs allows you to be a lot more flexible because you can basically change the whole color scheme and the theme of the basement as compared to the rest of your house.

Many people also view this as a mean for extending space in their homes for a larger or growing family. A finished basement also allows you to have a separate bathroom and a kitchen so that if your family is big, you can easily fit everyone in without even having to think of reselling and buying a new house.

Similarly with a basement with its own kitchen and bathroom, you can just as easily rent it out and make a steady profit off of it. Even if you don’t want to turn your basement into an extra room, you could still modify it to make it a BETTER place for keeping old and unwanted stuff for better storage options.

By installing shelves and cabinets, you can increase the space your basement has to offer. No matter how you see it, the advantages of finishing your basement are sure to make it worth your investment and efforts. The only thing lacking is the imagination!